And we’re off!


Launching the North London Star; A few of us decided we’d like to set up a North London based socialist website that includes people from a number of left groups, and none, among its board and supporters. The idea would be to have the main focus on articles about issues in North London or by people from North London and help campaigners and activists promote their events and initiatives – in a similar way to that of Haringey Solidarity does in print. We are calling it The North London Star.


It will look for a wide range of contributors on a broad range of subjects but visitors to the site will be able to instantly see that this is written by activists in North London. It is not an attempt to replace any national online publication.

While content may vary from film reviews, analysis of elections, events listings and videos the backbone of the content will be specific to North London. Whether that’s local workplaces, issues, councils, the London Assembly or our MPs – we’d like a site that takes our area and its inhabitants seriously.

In many ways this is a work in progress and we can sort out exactly how this will work / policies for the site / balance of content as we go, but we hope it will be defined by a focus on campaigning with an attitude of ‘no enemies on the left’.

We hope you like The North London Star so much you’ll consider writing for us and join our facebook group that will help shape the direction the site takes.