Editorial: Look at our awesome calendar


Editorial by Reuben Bard-Rosenberg

Back in the day I was sat in a meeting with my fellow North London Star Jim, when an activist got up and denounced the event as a talking shop. Jim spoke next and in characteristic fashion said that he quite liked the idea of a talking shop, since it was a good idea for us all to get together and talk.

And certainly the North London Star was started, in part, as a place where North Londoners could ruminate upon, and debate, the political issues affecting or localities. Yet as our tag-line suggests, we are also massively committed to actually supporting and indeed bringing together the many different kinds of radical and progressive activity that is happening, and that you may or may not know about – whether that means videoing what’s happening in the squats of Camden or reporting on the Kurdish demonstrations through Green Lanes. That’s why our beloved right hand column has always been full of links to upcoming activity and events.

However, until this week things have just been listed in the order that there posted, making it difficult for the busy (or hobby-enthused) activist to quickly work out what they can get to and what is coming up soon. Thus we present our awesome new calendar, filled with events, listed by date. You’ll also notice that the events on our beloved right-hand side bar are now ordered by date. Progress! As far as activity in North London goes, the Barnet Care Workers dispute is particularly exciting and important. Celtic Class tells you all the places you need to click to get the low-down.

Of course it is not all events, events, events. In the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, Jim did indeed ruminate upon the case for making London independent or at least giving it a lot more power.

As always we do appeal to you. Know of something coming up? Let us know and we will get it in the calendar. Have something to get off your chest? Then it is time that you wrote for us!