End forced labour in North London!


The following reports is from various Facebook accounts who reported on their action against forced labour in north London. Pictures by Phil Tsappas.


On Saturday the Haringey Solidarity Group  visited North London Hospice shops in protest at their continued use of force labour under the six-month, 30-hour a week Community Work Placement scheme.

The group went to around 6 different North London Hospice Shops across north London, including Finchley and Palmers Green.

At Palmers Green we spoke to someone from the neighbouring British Red Cross charity shop. She told us that they had someone complete a volunteer form, but on their first day at the shop, the “volunteer” produced another form for the shop to fill in.

He’d been sent on workfare, but had been told to find his own placement. He was told by the staff that British Red Cross do not use workfare – people forced to work for their benefits – only genuine volunteers.

In their online statement, British Red Cross have stated:

“In line with our fundamental principles our aim has always been to support vulnerable people in crisis and as such we no longer feel that it is appropriate to participate in a programme where sanctions might be applied that could result in an individual losing their benefits.”

Why won’t North London Hospice also refuse to use workfare?