Twenty’s Plenty for Winchmore Hill!


Currently, in the borough of Enfield, ‘less than 10% of our roads are 20 mph’ zones, compared to Islington and Camden council which have adopted 20 mph on all residential borough roads.

Let’s bring 30 mph zones down to 20 mph. Why? Well, if you’re…

  • Hit by a car at 40 mph, 9 out of 10 pedestrians will be killed
  • Hit by a car at 30 mph, about half of pedestrians will live
  • Hit by a car at 20 mph, only 1 pedestrian out of 10 will be killed

Roads are the biggest killer of children as pedestrians (5-19 years old), and young adults as passengers or drivers of cars.

Deaths of children aged 11 to 16 not attributed to disease 2006-7

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In Portsmouth the 20 mph limit on all residential roads has reduced casualties by 22%. Imagine a drug which reduced the mortality from a particular cause by just 4.3%, and it was a major cause, one would probably expect a Noble Prize.

The national campaign 20’s plenty is connected to local groups working to improve their surroundings, councillors have begun listening to members of the community and making this possible.

It was 80 years ago when there were less than 2 million cars on the road that 30 mph was implemented on residential roads. Now there are over 33 million. This is long overdue!

To be clear, this is NOT about: Speed cameras! Road humps! The Department for Transport have made it clear in recent guidelines that:

20 mph zones require traffic calming measures or repeater speed limit signing and/or roundel road markings at regular intervals.

It is no longer mandatory to impose physical measures such as speed bumps when adopting a 20 mph limit in residential areas (DfT Guidelines). The one thing we would like done immediately by Enfield council, so as to begin to feel the effects straight away, is to stick a sign that says 20mph on a circular piece of plastic over the 30 mph signs. Easily done, we think!

Also, a traffic island would clearly help with gaining access to St Paul’s Church which is in daily use – just as the pedestrians crossing outside Groveland’s Park (on Church Hill) has proved essential.

This campaign is looking to bring the 20mph limit to Church Hill and Station Road in Winchmore Hill. We had our first meeting on the 16th of November where we agreed to raise awareness when and where we can.

The campaign, 20’s plenty, aims to save lives and help create a safer, calmer and cleaner environment for all ages.

To get involved in campaign on Winchmore Hill and/or for more information please contact Phil: or 07446 188 307