Local People Oppose the Threat of Demolitions in Haringey, Tottenham

 Date: Saturday 6th December 1.00pm
Outside Coombes  Croft Library Tottenham High Rd, London N17 8AD (near to Spurs ground)
Local People Oppose the Threat of Demolitions
We Call on Spurs fans to Support our Campaign Against Mass Demolitions of Council Homes and Shops in Tottenham
The Tottenham stadium expansion  has been used by the Spurs Directors, Haringey Council and the Mayor of London to promote a wholesale demolition of homes and businesses across Tottenham as part of a jointly agreed so-called ‘regeneration’ scheme.
300 homes on the Love Lane estate are being demolished as part of a scheme to provide a walkway to the new stadium.
The plans to demolish housing estates began with the original Spurs-led Regeneration scheme and were then promoted further by the Mayor of London and Haringey Council.  This has now expanded to a threat to demolish homes on the 1000 home Northumberland Park estate to the east of the ground and council homes right across Tottenham.
A historic shopping parade facing the ground, including the library and medical centre is also facing demolition.
Our rally is intended to ask Spurs fans to show their support for our campaign to get the Spurs Directors, Mayor of London and Haringey Council to end their demolition threats.  We will be displaying placards, distributing leaflets, having discussions with fans and having enthusiastic chants to make our case to the Spurs supporters.
Please come!