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This week’s editorial comment is from Phil Tsappas

The North London Star has been online for nearly a month. Last week we held our second ever meeting of the collective to discuss its content and appearance. We’re very much a work in progress and very much appreciate your comments, contributions and thoughts on what we can do better (email us at

northern starWe are getting into the habit of rounding up the news from the previous week in an editorial piece. The North London Star, which takes its name from the Chartist newspaper “The Northern Star” – the Chartists were one of the very first social movements in the modern world which sought to apply tremendous pressure on the ruling government for universal suffrage (the right to vote).

I would encourage people to keep an eye on the notice board (on the right of the page) which is updated every day with events in North London. The site will be updated very soon with a calendar, which will organise all the notices making it easy and accessible to see upcoming events.

Last week began with a review by Merilyn Moos on “A Matter of Intelligence. M15 and the Surveillance of Anti-Nazi Refugees 1933-50” by Charmian Brinson and Richard Dove. The following is an excerpts from Merlyn’s review:

“Many famous anti-Nazi refugees graced N. London. The Kuczinski family, who lived in Hampstead, included father Robert, a leading German economist, son, Jurgen, who was a leading member of the German Communist Party (KPD) who was to become a spy for the USSR and later a leading East German economist and his two famous left-wing sisters.”

Heidi Saarinen, of the Lordship N22 campaign group to stop Paddy Power taking over the former Lordship pub, Wood Green, wrote:

“I remember immediately thinking ‘NO!’ ‘Something has to be done here’. There are already two betting shops nearby, in the same stretch of road and several, within minutes in all directions. A discussion soon took off on the local networks and more and more people got involved, commented and contributed with information, expertise, links to relevant sources and generally coming together, for the sake of the neighbourhood, community and our local amenities.”

Janette Evans, a Barnet resident, took part in a successful protest outside the AGM on the 21st of July:

“Mr Raynor is a rogue landlord who owns 19 properties in Barnet! Residents and tenants in Barnet are demanding that he should resign!”

The site has set its aim to support the left in North London, that means we’re open for anyone who wants to have their say. We’re producing promotional cards to help spread the message wider and are always looking for new contributors. The submission form (above) is where you can write an article about your experiences in a campaign, at the job centre, on the high road, etc. Alternatively feel free to send your views and opinions to