Vigil for Mark Duggan – report and pictures


Report and pictures by Kyri Tsappas

duggan vigil 01200 people met at Broad water Farm on Monday the 4th of August to remember Mark Duggan, who was brutally murdered by the police 3 years ago at the age of 29.

The family wanted to meet at Broadwater Farm and march towards Ferry Lane where Mark was fatally shot and killed. The march set off at 5.15 pm to arrive for 6:15 pm.


Time for justice

duggan vigil 02Friends and family members of Mark’s all marched together chanting ‘Who are the murderers, police are the murderers!’, family’s held hands and wiped there tears shouting, ‘what do we want justice, when do we want it, now!’.

The placards read ‘Mark Duggan murdered’, ‘Time for Justice!’ and the fantastic community made banner, which read, ‘We miss you Daddy!’.

The vigil was also supported by other Justice Campaigns: Janet Alder, Marci Rigg, Kadisha Burrell, Myrna Simpson and Winston Silcott, to name a few.

Once we arrived on Ferry Lane there was a minute’s silence – Carole Duggan opened up by saying that:

They have been murdering black people in this country for years, Mark was one of the thousands.  We now need the public’s help, when the news flash came through, they said that they had shot dead a gangster. This was to put fear in to any witness’s hearts and so they wouldn’t come forward. We now have a hotline that people can call if they saw anything.

The support from the other justice campaigns was fantastic and moving, Marci Rigg said that:

We will stand firm with this family and we can see that Mark’s friends and family are all here, you are not alone.

duggan vigil 03Kadisha Burrell added:

We will not rest until justice is done.

Winston Silcott who was wrongly convicted and imprisoned for the murder of PC Blakelock, serving 18 years in prison told us that:

What happened to Mark was no coincidence, it could of happened to anybody. For us to overturn this injustice we have to stand firm and not disappear like the system wants and keep coming out and fighting for justice.


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