Editorial: Lots going on, but what do we actually think?


Editorial by Reuben Bard-Rosenberg

Good evening, happy Monday, and welcome to week 5 of the North London Star. There’s been a fair amount going on in North London last week, and I’d say we’ve reported on a good slice of it. August, it turns out, is not silly season after all. Earlier in the week 200 people gathered in Tottenham to mark the anniversary of Mark Duggan’s killing, Kyri Tsappas was there to take pics and report, as Mark’s friends and family chanted “Who are the murderers, police are the murderers!”. Meanwhile North Londoners have been hitting the streets over injustices happening somewhat further away. Kyri was once again on hand to take some great pics as Harringey Residents protested against the ongoing terror being unleashed against Gaza.

Despite the unnervingly good weather some pretty good stuff has also been happening in doors. In Islington people gathered to discuss how we can derail the Trans-Atlantic Trade Partnership – an EU-US treaty that will massively shift power away from the demos and towards corporations. As I said it was a bloody good event, and a genuine opportunity for activists to learn from each other and plan further action. One commenter disagreed with my use of the phrase “worse than jazz music”. It would appear some of our readers have a soft spot for this peculiarly rubbish art form. Hmmmm… I guess the NL Star is supposed to be a broad church.

More importantly if you want to get the low down on TTIP and why owe should fight it I do recommend this seriously good and comprehensible piece written for us by Linda Kaucher. Meanwhile, on the cultural front, Natalie Bennett’s very much made me want to go to see the Kilburn Passion a “rich, fast and energetic” play about the localities mixture of gentrifiers, struggling small business owners and people living on the edge. If I manage to clock Civilization 5 while the play is still running, I might just go and see it.

So we’ve been pretty newsy. I’m very glad that we’ve covered everything that we have, and please do send in reports of things going on. But I would also like the NL Star to be a bit more bloggy – in other words to have a few more opinion pieces, maybe even some stuff that’s a bit contrarian. That of course is down to you. Please do write for us. And do tell us in the comments below what you would like to see more of or, indeed, what you’d like to see less of.

Thanks muchly and have a good week.