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Editorial comment from Phil Tsappas

logo 200It’s my pleasure to be asked, again, by the ‘Committee of Tedium’ (the admin and schedulers of the site) too write up an editorial of last week’s highlights from the North London Star.

Last week Jim Jepps reported from a meeting in Camden where Patrick Harvie, Green member of the Scottish Parliament, spoke on Scottish Independence:

“He argued that the Welfare State now specialises in two things – bullying people into low paid work, and subsidising low paid work, poverty pay. Advocating a Citizen’s Income (sometimes called a Basic Income) of £50 a week for under 16s, £100 for adults and £150 a week for pensioners we would not only guarantee that dignity but it would also provide a bottom up economic stimulus.”

A fascinating article written by “Owen” entitled “The race to follow Frank Dobson – who will Camden Labour select?” was posted on 15 August. It starts by saying:

“A few weeks ago Holborn and St Pancras MP Frank Dobson finally confirmed the worst-kept secret in north London political circles, announcing his retirement at the next election after more than three decades in Parliament.”

The article then goes on to give a detailed summary on who they are. A must read.

The Noticeboard continues to be filled with interesting events in North London. Admittedly, the last two weeks of August are quieter than other weeks, however, it doesn’t mean things go ‘dead’ quiet. Many of the meetings are in preparation for September – such as:

And don’t forget at the end of the month, at Tottenham Chances;

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