Developing the North London Star – send us your link love


by Jim Jepps

logo 200As a new site we’re gradually building up the infrastructure of the site as well as trying to bring you interesting reports, views and event notices from around North London. Part of this is about building up some of the resources the site provides.

We’ve just made some space for the forthcoming calender which will, hopefully, let readers view the events and notices in a slightly more logical order, but also allow us to post up a lot more events so if you’re ever at a loose end we’ll always have a suggestion for what you might get up to.

We’ve also overhauled the archive page meaning that you can search the site not just by main category, but by author, subject or area as well. As the site continues to grow we’ll be adding more ways to view the site but it’s already starting to get out of hand!

I also spent most of today at work building up a better list of local links. Go take a look and if you can think of a union branch, campaigning organisation, or media outlet based in North London that we’ve missed leave a comment and we’ll add it. We don’t require that site to link to us (although we won’t actively forbid it) just that it’s still worth a visit.

I should also say we welcome any suggestions you might have for the site. You can either leave a comment below or send in an email to and, if we like the suggestion we’ll put it on our to do list. As ever that also goes for if you’d like to write for us, have an event you’d like us to advertise or have general love that you’d like to spread. We’re regularly welcoming new writers to the site, for instance Charlie Kiss’ report of the gay right commemorative bike ride today was the first time Charlie had written for us, and was really appreciated.

Finally, for your delectation, here are the top posts from the site that yuo’ve been reading over the last month. I’ve decided to shuffle their order – it’s not a competition after all!