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Fuse Book Club: Chomsky’s On Anarchism


On Anarchism by Noam Chomsky
Author, activist and anarchist Noam Chomsky offers a vital overview of the meanings of anarchism.

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Stop the First World War: 1914 and the Schism in International Anarchism

1914 and the Schism in International Anarchism

Pietro Dipaola

The outbreak of the First World War caused an irreparable schism in the international anarchist community. Many of the protagonists in this harsh dispute lived in exile in London, including the chief adversarie: the Russian, (Prince) Petr Kropotkin, who supported the Entente, and the Italian Errico Malatesta who argued that the ‘only acceptable war was the fight of the oppressed against the oppressors’.

Pietro Dipaola’s talk reconstructs this debate and focuses on some of the activities and the repression of the anarchists including the interment in Alexandra Palace of the German anarchist Rudolf Rocker and the imprisonment of his companion Milly Witcop.