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‘Afghanistan: Mission Accomplished? The legacy of 14 years of war’ with Maya Evans


After 14 years British forces have officially concluded their war in Afghanistan, but what is the legacy of the conflict?

Maya Evans has now visited Afghanistan three times over the last three years during which she lived and work with a non-violent Afghan youth group who campaign for peace and grassroots change. During her trips Maya visited refugee camps, health facilities, NGOs, journalists and moreover ordinary Afghans, giving her political analysis a grassroots perspective.

Her previous campaigning against the Afghan war has included a High Court enquiry into the British treatment of Afghan detainees, as well as a prison sentence for protests relating to a NATO bombing of an Afghan wedding party.

Maya is the Co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK


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People Not Nukes

Demonstration 8 December 18:30 to about 20:00 descend on Islington Town Hall with the Peace Scarf for demonstration against nuclear weapons. Come and see the Peace Scarf and hear Caroline Russell (Green Party) and Bruce Kent (veteran peace campaigner) speak.

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Concert: Gentle Men – For No Glory

Gentle Men – For No Glory
Thursday 27 November 7.30pm
St Giles-in-the-Fields • London WC2H 8LG

Performed by Robb Johnson, Jenny Carr and John Forrester
Introduced by A.L. Kennedy

Songwriter Robb Johnson performs his acclaimed song cycle Gentle Men, telling the stories of Robb’s grandfathers Ernest Johnson and Harry Jenner – who survived the First World War but were forever in its shadow.

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Stop the First World War: 1914 and the Schism in International Anarchism

1914 and the Schism in International Anarchism

Pietro Dipaola

The outbreak of the First World War caused an irreparable schism in the international anarchist community. Many of the protagonists in this harsh dispute lived in exile in London, including the chief adversarie: the Russian, (Prince) Petr Kropotkin, who supported the Entente, and the Italian Errico Malatesta who argued that the ‘only acceptable war was the fight of the oppressed against the oppressors’.

Pietro Dipaola’s talk reconstructs this debate and focuses on some of the activities and the repression of the anarchists including the interment in Alexandra Palace of the German anarchist Rudolf Rocker and the imprisonment of his companion Milly Witcop.

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‘Confronting a Culture of Militarism’ with Steve Pratt, David Gee, Jim Radford and Walter Heaton

In the run up to Remembrance Sunday, Forces Watch and VFP UK invite you to an evening of performance, discussion and music.

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War resisters’ international present; ‘Nonviolent Campaigning’

Launch of second edition of WRI’s ‘Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns’ (WRI, 2014, £7)

War Resisters’ International launches the second edition of its Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns. The handbook is a selection of methods, tools, and experiences of using nonviolence to create tangible, long-lasting change in situations of violence and oppression. While our movements are diverse, we all share the common goal of challenging violence and oppression in our communities.

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Mulk Raj Anand’s Across the Black Waters : remembering Indian soldiers in WW1

Please join Man Booker Prize judge Alistair Niven for an evening to discuss the politics of Indian soldiers involvement in the First World War, as explored in Mulk Raj Anand’s recently republished classic book on the subject, ‘Across the Black Waters’.

Kurds march in Edmonton and Haringey in support of Kobane

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Kurds march in Edmonton and Haringey in support of Kobane

Report from Sarah Parker, pictures by Doug   On Sunday 28 September 1,000 or so people marched from Angel Edmonton through Haringey to the Kurdish community centre off Green Lanes to protest against the siege of Kobane, and the silence of the international community over the blatant  military support of the Turkish state for the […]

Norman Angell: Liberal, Radical, Socialist, Pacifist or Patriot? 30th September

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Norman Angell: Liberal, Radical, Socialist, Pacifist or Patriot? 30th September

Conway Hall Ethical Society presents… Norman Angell: Liberal, Radical, Socialist, Pacifist or Patriot? Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1933, Norman Angell, journalist, peace pundit was a founding member of the “neutralist” Union for Democratic Control, Initially a Liberal from 1929-1931, he was Labour M.P. for Bradford The best-seller of 1910 that made Norman Angell’s […]

Review: ‘The Story of Walter Tull’

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Review: ‘The Story of Walter Tull’

by Merilyn Moos A remarkable and poignant production of ‘The Story of Walter Tull’ was put on by the newly formed Tottenham Theatre (dir. Lynda Brennan), in partnership with the Bruce Grove Youth centre, and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The play was chosen for the theatre’s first production partly because of Tull’s links to […]

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