Report: Radical Housing Network


notes from the 27th Oct Radical Housing Network meeting by Phil Tsappas


MIPIM – what next?

Meeting held @ UNITE, Moreland Street, near Angel tube station – 30 in attendance


After the great success of #blockboris campaign outside the property fair MIPIM, which was held for the first time in London, the Radical Housing Network, which is a network of housing campaigns across London discussed, what next?

It’s my second meeting and I’m very enthusiastic about this growing network and the prospect of coordinating action for housing justice across London.

The following bullet points are remarks made during discussions which I’ve jotted down:

  • The housing crisis was not something caused by the weather. Working together as a cross tenure housing network we can achieve much.
  • MIPIM briefly highlighted the crisis to a level above local councils.
  • If you organise at a local level, it’s important to continue and keep the link.

Feedback on the weekend

  • Group met at Olympia, 300 people altogether.
  • 48 hrs before MIPIM Hammersmith and Fulham began talking to housing groups.

The conference

  • Southwark council stated they had no funding but from private investment
    over 400 programs went on the first day.

European coalition meeting.

  • Over 13 countries attended…
  • two facilitators
  • a skeleton plan on how the coalition can campaign for better housing
  • 3 working groups. Financialization, charter and another
  • In Europe some housing movements campaign for the right to the city
  • A weak point on immigration and housing…

What next?

  • Organising against the MIPIM conference
  • Peoples Assembly marching for housing
  • Cross tenure housing campaigns
  • (31.01) Defend Council Housing and South London Peoples Assembly agreed for housing march.