“Shame on Hugh” not our Barnet mayor


by Janette Evans


Barnet Housing Action Group with members of our west Hendon and BAPS greeted the mayor outside the AGM at MIND on 21 July.

Barnet Tory Mayor – Hugh Raynor – sat on the housing scheme committee that decided they would pay £3,000 to landlords that rented ‘spare rooms’ without disclosing he was due to financially benefit. He has received over £20,000 in housing benefit payment, he also was not signed up to Boris’ accredited landlord scheme.

Mr Raynor is a rogue landlord who owns 19 properties in Barnet! Residents and tenants in Barnet are demanding that he should resign!

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One Response to “Shame on Hugh” not our Barnet mayor

  1. “Cllr Rayner, a Hale councillor, owns 15 properties in the Colindale area with his wife, Susan, and four more under his firm’s name – S&H Housing Limited.”