Video: Beneath the Housing Crisis


text by Phil Tsappas, video by Simon Fisher.

On 18 July I visited Ladderswood Way estate in New Southgate – 5 minutes’ walk from Arnos Grove Underground, in North London.

I went there because I had heard, after working a day at Garfield Children’s Centre that the estate was pretty much empty and some units were ready for demolition. I decided to take a look around the area with a camera operator, Simon Fisher, who filmed and edited the short film.

The squatter speaking to us is Richard, we bumped into him and the squatter community there as we filmed the area – Richard and the rest have been squatting in an unused warehouse for nearly 2 and a half months.


In the following short film, Richard explains the situation:

Spreading the message:

Phil is involved in a ‘NO to demolitions YES to improvements’ campaign in Haringey, Tottenham. He intends to show the film to tenants and residents he’s speaking with who face losing their home due to the huge ‘regeneration’ project beginning in North Tottenham.


What Enfield council should be doing is responding to the cost of living crisis:

The council should halt their plans to ‘regenerate’ the area in this negative way (demolishing genuinely affordable homes) and rehouse the homeless and low paid, as well as building new social housing to challenge the private rented sector.


For more information about the regeneration of Ladderswood Way estate:


3 Responses to Video: Beneath the Housing Crisis

  1. If anyone has any questions concerning the footage and the conversation with Richard do leave a comment and can will respond. We had around 28 minutes of footage, a lot was said off camera.

  2. Really good video, it’s disgusting that there are so many empty houses when we are in the middle of a housing crises.

  3. So sad – excellent production – chilling and haunting
    – which is what the housing crisis in london is !
    – putting fear into the residents involved and always in the back of the minds of those living on estates not yet targeted!
    Power to all those fighting back – we will not allow the poor and marginalised to be hounded out of their homes and herded out of London like cattle – Boris you and your mega rich friends better understand – Londeners are not going to lie down and die we are going to resist and agitate!!!