Haringey takes to the streets in solidarity with Gaza


by Kyri Tsappas


wood green gaza pic 3The mood on the demonstration on Saturday was quite electric. 500 angry and frustrated protesters took to the street, waved their placards and banners and marched through Wood Green High road.

There were many slogans being shouted and sung like “ In our thousands and our millions, we are all Palestinians” and “free, free Palestine”. People joined in on the Wood Green high road stopping and joining in, cars passed beeping their horns and waving their fists in support out of their windows. The placards read ‘stop the massacre’ and ‘freedom for Palestine’.

Keeping the struggle going

wood green gaza pic 1Anne from Haringey said to me “ I just feel like I’m finally getting the chance to vent my anger, I am so furious with what is happening”. Which seemed to be the general feeling on the demo. There was also a feeling of keeping the struggle going as Eylem from Wood green stated, “ We will keep protesting and boycott till this ends”.

The demonstration was very reflective of the multicultural community in Haringey with people from places all over the world. One of the highlights was when people, stopped and started chanting ‘shame on you ‘ outside of Marks and Spencer on the Wood Green high road.

The march ended outside of the Haringey civic center where members of the community spoke about their frustrations and plans of action for Gaza.

wood green gaza pic 2

There are many events to come which people can participate in;

  • There is another national protest this Saturday details can be found on facebook.
  • London Palestine Action has announced a fundraiser night of Hiphop at Tottenham Chances facebook