Public sector strikes: All out on July 10th


Up to 2 million members of Unite, National Union of Teachers, Public and Commercial Services Union, Fire Brigades Union, Unison and GMB will all be taking strike action together on 10 July.

This is the biggest co-ordinated strike action for years and we’d like to encourage people to visit their local picket lines and also come to the London demonstration in support of the strikes.

London strike day demo: 

Assemble: 11:30am, BBC HQ, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA.


Message from Sean Fox (Unison Branch sec in Haringey):

“Just to update you on our plans we intend to picket from 7.00am (or earlier) till 11am, we then intend to assemble at Wood Green civic centre for a local rally allowing time for those who are able to get to the central London rally to do so. We have made this decision based on the fact that we need to maintain picket lines for longer than getting to central London for 11.30 will allow.

“We will have picket lines on all main buildings in Wood Green, Apex House in Tottenham, there may be picket lines on some Schools where these are not closed however we are asking anyone without a regular workplace or who’s workplace is closed to picket at the Civic, not least because for safety reasons this is sensible as there is a big area for people to assemble.”



In Camden almost all primary schools will be completely closed. Join union picket lines are planned for several secondary schools across the borough, while UNISON picket lines will appear outside the Town Hall and other key Council workplaces from 7.00 AM.

PCS members will be picketing the British Library.

A fire engine, purchased by the FBU, will be touring Camden, then providing the stage for a brief local rally outside Camden Town Hall (Judd Street, WC1) from 10.30 – 10.45 AM, with many proceeding to the central London event.

Messages of support: messages of support can be sent to the Camden UNISON branch office by email (, by phone (0207 974 1633), by fax (020 7387 1599) or even to Camden UNISON Facebook page.

The Camden NUT association secretary is Andrew Baisley (020 7974 3997) email: