Winchmore Hill Community meeting (Enfield) – report 03/09/2014


Excellent Winchmore Hill community forum tonight with good discussions about Cycle Enfield, primary school places, traffic and licensing. Bambos Charalambous @CllrBambos 

Between Palmers Green and Southgate, in the borough of Enfield, lies Winchmore Hill. I went to a community meeting  on the 3rd of September where 4 councillors would hear the concerns of residents, and to discuss certain local issues.

24 people present (average age must have been 50), including bodies such as the residents association. Four councillors (2 Conservative, 1 Labour) including the Area Board Chair (Labour) were present.


First point of discussion… £28m cycling scheme to be launched in Winchmore Hill – notes, in brief:

  1. Cycling lanes in Winchmore hill and Green lanes?
  2. Money has been awarded by mayor – £28m
  3. Consultation will begin this autumn. 5 year scheme/program.
  4. How will the consultation work? mostly online?
  5. Cross party support for scheme, however some small business’ have concerns about parking, as is already limited.


General mood can be summed up by the following quote from the Green Lanes Business Association chairman, Costas said:

I agree with cycling, but why at the expense of the motorist… taking away the parking will slow business

Points about the environment were made and acknowledged, as well as cycling being important.



Campaign points to pick up on, adoption of the total twenty campaign

Councillor Dinah Barry mentioned the idea of reducing speed limits in and around where we live – not on fast roads, but roads where we spend most of our time. This sounded to me to be a proposal to adopt the 20’s plenty campaign – which looks for a default speed limit of 20mph in residential areas. It’s more than a successful campaign to save lives, the “20’s plenty” campaign also offers people a route to wider social change.

If people can come together to put an argument about improving one’s environment, and it matters to people, then, especially in an area like Winchmore Hill, an issue as simple as this may be just right to get change occurring. A simple start, nevertheless.



20s plenty for us

Why adopt a 20mph speed limit in residential areas – Danny Dorling

Total 20 – 20’s plenty where people live (pdf)