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The People vs PFI


You’d never be able to tell from the outside, but hundreds of our hospitals, schools, prisons roads and even homes are no longer controlled by us, the people. Why? Because politicians have given away our public buildings to private companies – only to have us rent them back at extortionate cost. Our money is making these tax-avoiding corporations rich, while we end up losing frontline services. This is what they mean by the Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

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Feminism in London conference

“Positive change for women and girls!”
25 October 2014

Feminism in London is an independently constituted group whose aim is to host an annual feminist convention in the capital. We originally formed from the London Feminist Network (LFN), which is a women-only grass roots networking and campaigning organisation. Since our first conference in 2008, we have been joined by women from other campaigning groups, making this a truly inclusive conference which reflects the growing activist spirit of London.

Feminism in London is organised by a women-only committee of volunteers. The conference is open to all.

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Our Tottenham conference


Enable people to find out more about what the Council and developers are doing, and the work of the Our Tottenham Network. Inspire and enable the community to learn from successful community-led projects and local campaigning, and to promote and celebrate our achievements as local people. Take forward ideas from our Feb 2014 conference for positive Community Planning for local sites and for Tottenham as a whole. Update the Community Charter for Tottenham. To work towards building a mass movement based on community empowerment, social inclusion, fairness and justice for all

Turkish Feminists on why they’re coming to speak in London

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Turkish Feminists on why they’re coming to speak in London

from the Istanbul Feminist Kollectiv There will be a session this year in Feminism in London Conference named Fighting Against Patriarchy in Turkey – with the Istanbul Feminist Kolectiv. We, as feminists from Istanbul, are attending the Conference this year on October, 25. Why are we coming to London and what kind of an organization […]